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Robinson Homeschool Curriculum
Inexpensive Bulk Ink Supply
 • A home-school mom told me about this supplier of ink for Ink Jets;...
 • Are you paying waaaay too much for your printer ink?...
 • From: M.N. Siegmund Sent: Tues...


A home-school mom told me about this supplier of ink for Ink Jets; They sell ink by the pint for about $25. I cannot give any guarantees about this product but I thought it would be helpful to pass along the link.

Its even cheaper by the quart - they are really nice people.

Automation Consulting and Supply

Another mom told me about the good deal SAMs has on Dataproducts CLICK-IN SYSTEMS FOR HP AND CANON INKJET PRINTERS.

It looks like they cost more from the company direct than from SAM's though.

From another home-school Mom...

Check out the Web Site called Cartridges USA. I just ordered ink from them on Saturday. It is due to arrive at the end of the week. I'll let you know how we like it. I normally pay $12 for a black ink cartridge. The same cartridge, in a generic brand, (I have used Pelikan very successfully in the past) from Cartridges USA has 2 ml more ink and costs only $5.50! I'm very excited about what the savings could mean to our book printing. Also, if you order $50 worth at a time, the shipping is FREE! The color magenta, cyan, and yellow cartridges are also only $5.50, and they hold more ink than the name brand.

Laser Excellence - 800-541-4345

Graymar Business Systems

Yahoo listing for toner cartriges and for ink cartriges

From Glenda:

I have received the ink from Cartridges USA. It's perfect. I ordered all four individual colors. They all come professionally packaged (not refilled cartridges) and each holds two ml more than the name brand cartridge. They fit my machine perfectly and there is no difference in print quality. As I mentioned in my previous note, the cost is less than 1/2 what I would normally pay (only $5.50 as opposed to $12 for a black cartridge), so, needless to say, I am excited about the savings, too.

I am using the Canon BJC620, but they carry cartridges for other printers as well. You can call them toll-free at 888-866-3787, or check out their website at to see the different brands and types that they carry.

Hope this can be helpful. :) Glenda

PS We ordered a quantity that totalled a little over $50 and true to their word, shipping charges were waived.

Mention you are using the Robinson Curriculum and we'll give you a $5 discount off the shipping and handling charges associated with our ink -- which is $21.95 per pint or $39.95 per quart for most inkjet printers. or call us tollfree at 1-888-728-2465 8:30AM to 9PM EST.


Are you paying waaaay too much for your printer ink? 

    We at Encore Ink are both homeschoolers and Robinson Curriculum users. We offer high quality, carefully formulated bulk ink and refill kits at extremely competitive prices. Our refill kits contain everything you need to refill your inkjet or bubble-jet cartridges. We also carry many types of compatible cartridges at a significant savings. We fully guarantee all of our products, and provide technical assistance should it be necessary. Visit us on-line at or call us toll-free at 1-888-883-6053 If you visit us on-line, enter coupon code 030501-1011 at checkout for free shipping. If ordering by phone, mention this code to receive free shipping.


From: M.N. Siegmund
Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2004 11:41 PM
Subject: printer ink & cartridges

This was the only email I saw on our site. I saw a page where you talked about places to buy cartridges and bulk ink for your printer. Also try for very inexpensive cartridges and for bulk ink.
Epson printer cartridges can be refilled by purchasing a chip resetter for about $15. has them ($25) and also bulk ink and refill kits.
AtlanticInkJet is $19.95 is $15. It is under other products, chip resetters.

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